How to Create a Lightroom Collage – Easy Steps

Creating collages in Lightroom is a fun and creative way to showcase multiple photos in a single layout. Whether you want to compile vacation snapshots or highlight a series of portraits, Lightroom offers tools to arrange and design collages with ease. In this article, we’ll explore step-by-step instructions on how to make captivating collages using Lightroom’s Print module. Follow along to learn how to bring your photos together in beautiful compositions!

Easy Steps to Make a Collage in Lightroom

Here are simple steps to make a Lightroom collage.

Import and Edit Photos into Lightroom:

first of all, after importing all the photos you want to put in your Lightroom collage, you have to edit your photos with routine methods. Because after putting your photos in collage, you cannot edit your photos. If there are many photos, you can save your time by doing batch editing in Lightroom.

Arrange Photos in the Print Module:

Now, let’s arrange your edited photos in Lightroom’s Print module to create your collage. In the Print module, you can choose from different layout templates and simply drag and drop your photos into place. Adjust the size and orientation of each photo to create a visually appealing composition. Take your time to arrange the photos in a way that reflects your creative vision for the collage. This step forms the basis of your collage layout, allowing you to experiment until you achieve the desired look.

print mode in lightroom

Select a Layout Template:

Next, you’ll need to select a layout template in Lightroom’s Print module to organize your collage. Lightroom offers various pre-designed templates that you can choose from, such as grids or custom layouts. These templates provide a structure for arranging your photos in a visually appealing way.

Simply click on a template that suits your preference, and Lightroom will automatically populate the layout with placeholders for your photos. You can then customize the template by adjusting the number of cells, spacing, and other parameters to achieve the desired collage design. Choosing the right layout template sets the foundation for your collage and makes the arranging process smoother and more efficient.

Customize Cell Settings:

Now, customize the cell settings for your collage in Lightroom’s Print module. This step allows you to adjust the size, spacing, and orientation of each photocell to create a balanced layout. Click on a cell to access the customization options and use sliders or input fields to make precise adjustments. Pay attention to details like borders and padding to achieve a polished look. Experiment with different settings until you’re happy with how your photos are arranged within the collage. Customizing cell settings gives you creative control over the appearance of your collage, making it unique and visually appealing.

Apply Borders and Backgrounds:

After arranging your photos in Lightroom’s Print module, you can enhance your collage by applying borders and backgrounds. Lightroom allows you to add borders around individual photos or the entire collage, giving it a more finished and cohesive look. You can also choose background colors or textures to complement your photos and tie the collage together.

Simply select the photo or the entire layout and use the options in Lightroom’s Print module to customize borders and backgrounds. Experiment with different styles and colors until you achieve the desired aesthetic for your collage. Adding borders and backgrounds is a great way to enhance the overall presentation of your collage and make it stand out. You can also add your identity in the form of a watermark.

Export your collage:

Once you’ve finalized your collage in Lightroom, it’s time to export and save your creation. To do this, navigate to the Print module and click on the “Print to File” button. This will open a dialog box where you can specify the file settings such as file format (JPEG, TIFF, etc.), resolution, and quality.

export settings

Choose your desired settings and then click “Print to File” to export your collage. Lightroom will process the collage according to your specifications and save it to your desired location on your computer. You can read my separate guide article on best Lightroom export settings. Now you can easily share or print your collage to showcase your creativity!

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