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Presets pre-defined settings allow photographers to apply a wide range of edits with just a single click, saving time and helping maintain a consistent look across their portfolio. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of Lightroom presets, exploring what they are, their numerous benefits, and how to find, download, and use them effectively.

Lightroom presets free download

Here are some free presets offered by Adobe. These presets are zip files. These presets are compatible with Lightroom Classic, Lightroom Desktop ( which uses XMP file format), and Lightroom Mobile ( which uses DNG file format). Alight Motion is a great Video Editor that can be used to enhance performance during video editing.

This is logo of Adobe Lightroom. Download the old versions apk here.

Basic presets.

“Whether you’re into food photography or capturing stunning portraits, grab your complimentary bundle featuring nine must-have presets.”

This is logo of Adobe Lightroom. Download the old versions apk here.

Portrait presets.

2. “Accentuate your model’s distinctive characteristics using a set of three complimentary portrait presets.”

This is logo of Adobe Lightroom. Download the old versions apk here.

Night presets.

3. “Inside this package, you’ll discover four presets. Take your photos to a professional standard as you venture into the world of nighttime editing.”

This is logo of Adobe Lightroom. Download the old versions apk here.

Colour presets.

4. “Within this collection, you’ll find three presets designed to enhance the vivid colors and distinctive shades in your photos.”

This is logo of Adobe Lightroom. Download the old versions apk here.

Nature preset.

5. “Unveil the awe-inspiring beauty of nature and refine your photos effortlessly with this complimentary preset.”

This is logo of Adobe Lightroom. Download the old versions apk here.

Architecture presets.

6. “Elevate the architectural aesthetics and impart a distinct character to your photos with a collection of 18 architecture presets.”

This is logo of Adobe Lightroom. Download the old versions apk here.

Street preset.

7. “Transform your street photos into moody cityscapes with dramatic lighting, evoking an atmospheric ambiance, all with the help of this preset.”

This is logo of Adobe Lightroom. Download the old versions apk here.

Pet presets.

8. “Make your beloved dog or cat the star of the show in just a few clicks, courtesy of four complimentary presets tailored for animal enthusiasts.”

This is logo of Adobe Lightroom. Download the old versions apk here.

All presets.

9. “Access a comprehensive collection of 43 free Lightroom presets bundled together, and enjoy the creative freedom to experiment with your photos.”

What are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom presets are essentially pre-defined sets of adjustments and enhancements that can be applied to your photos with a single click. These adjustments encompass a wide range of parameters, including exposure, contrast, saturation, color grading, and even creative effects like vintage or cinematic looks. Think of presets as a shortcut to achieving a specific style or mood in your photos, without the need to manually tweak each setting. Lightroom mod apk is a premium version of Lightroom that offers many presets unlocked.

nature and pet presets

Benefits of Using Lightroom Presets: 

Now that we have a basic understanding of what Lightroom presets are, let’s explore the numerous benefits they bring to the table before downloading the Lightroom presets.

Time Efficiency:

Editing photos can be a time-consuming task, especially when you have a large batch of images. Lightroom presets drastically reduce the time spent on post-processing by automating repetitive tasks. During batch editing, when you are editing hundreds of photos, you can edit them together with a single click. Moreover, if you have spent some hours editing your one wedding photograph, you can apply those settings to your other wedding photographs which is absolutely time-saving. At least Lightroom presets are my super favorite tool.


Maintaining a consistent editing style across your photos is crucial, especially for professional photographers and influencers. Presets ensure that your entire body of work exhibits a cohesive look. If you edit some of your photos and you want to apply the same editing pattern to your other photos, you can do it with just a click. If you try to apply the same editing settings manually, I bet you will make mistakes. Just joking! You can be right but it will take some extra effort and time of course.


If you’re new to photo editing, presets are an excellent starting point. They provide instant results without requiring in-depth knowledge of editing software. My friend came to me some months ago and complained to me about his poor photo editing skills. I as an expert photographer, gave him a bundle of 100 presets to use on different occasions. He came to me yesterday, hugged me, and thanked me for those presets. And you know that feeling, aren’t you?

street and portrait presets

Creative Exploration:

Presets aren’t just for quick edits; they can also serve as a foundation for creative exploration. Use them as a starting point and customize them to suit your unique vision. Even if you are an expert, presets always give you new angles of editing. Presets give you new ideas and inspire you to learn and try something new every day, which makes Lightroom very interesting. Personally, I’ve been using Adobe Lightroom for years, but still I learn new skills and techniques every day.

Effortless Experimentation:

Presets allow you to experiment with various styles and moods without committing to a particular look. It’s like having a virtual toolbox of artistic possibilities at your disposal. I make new presets and share them with my friends. Likewise, my friends also share their presets with me and we discuss them in detail. So, presets are a big source of experimentation to enhance your creativity.

How to use Lightroom presets that you’ve imported.

Lightroom presets import is a simple process but it can be complex if you are new to Lightroom. I’ve written a dedicated article on all the methods of preset import in Lightroom.


After importing presets into Lightroom, follow these steps to use presets.

  • Open Adobe Lightroom on your desktop and select the photo you want to edit.
  • Access the editing tools by clicking the “Edit” menu at the top of the screen or using the shortcut key “E.”
  • Within the Edit menu, locate and click on the “Presets” button.
  • Inside the Presets menu, look for the “Yours” category.
  • From the “Yours” category, select the “Saved Presets” option.
  • Browse through your collection of saved presets and click on the one that best fits your editing goals.
  • After applying the preset, you can further fine-tune your image using the available editing tools and sliders to achieve your desired results.

How to save presets from the Lightroom Discover tab?

  • Open Adobe Lightroom on your desktop and go to the “Discover” tab.
  • Browse through the images in the Discover tab to find a photo that represents the style you want to achieve.
  • On the top right corner of the Discover panel, click on “Save as Preset.”
  • Now, switch to the “All Photos” tab and choose the photo to which you want to apply the saved preset.
  • Access the editing tools by clicking on the “Edit” menu.
  • Inside the Edit menu, select the “Presets” button.
  • In the “Yours” category, find and click on “Saved from Discover.”
  • Choose the preset that you previously saved from the Discover tab and apply it to your selected photo.
  • You can continue fine-tuning your image using the available editing options to achieve the desired final result.


I hope you have successfully downloaded free Lightroom presets by Adobe. Adobe also offers some premium presets that are definitely superior. If want to know more about Lightroom, you can discover other articles. Lightroom presets are absolutely magic and save a big amount of time. Lightroom presets are also very beneficial for beginners. I would suggest to always start with Lightroom presets if you don’t know anything about Lightroom.

presets download


Q1: What are Lightroom presets, and why should I use them?

Lightroom presets are pre-defined sets of editing adjustments that you can apply to your photos with a single click. They save time, ensure consistency in your editing style, and provide a starting point for creative enhancements.

Q2: Where can I find free Lightroom presets?

You can find free Lightroom presets on various websites, including photography forums, blogs, and preset marketplaces. Adobe’s official website also offers some free presets.

Q3: Are free Lightroom presets as good as paid ones?

Free presets can be excellent, but the quality may vary. Paid presets often come with more options and professional-grade adjustments. However, many free presets are created by talented photographers and can be just as effective.

Q4: How do I download and install Lightroom presets?

Typically, you can download presets as ZIP files and then extract them. To install Lightroom presets, open Lightroom, go to the Develop module, find the Presets panel, right-click on it, choose “Import,” and select your downloaded preset files.

Q5: Can I customize or adjust downloaded presets?

Yes, you can customize downloaded presets to suit your specific photos. After applying a preset, use the editing tools in Lightroom to fine-tune your image further.

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